In Belgium, the new rules introduced for the lottery market

According to the spokesperson, the National Lottery sales in Belgium decreased by 30% since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19. This decline is explained by the fact that in the world of quarantine conditions, the population has ceased to participate in the sweepstakes, even despite the fact that many newspaper shops remain open.

 Representatives of the lottery market have decided to make some adjustments, according to which the winning ticket will now be valid for a period of 30 weeks instead of 20 previously laid.

 Participants gain reaches 100 thousand. Euros, previously had to show his ticket at the headquarters of the National Lottery, but now with the winners will be contacted by representatives of the lottery operator.

 By the way, the lottery regulator in Nigeria started to combat unscrupulous gambling companies.

 Also, to allow players not to leave the premises, in order to comply with the quarantine, according to the new rules, participants can play simultaneously in 10 different draws.

 Regarding the owners of ground points for the sale of tickets and other vendors, lottery operator will pay a commission for each ticket sold, ignoring the previously established rule that the commission is paid only if the seller receives from the sale of 100 or more per week. Sellers will provide posters, which will include safety rules inside the premises. Also, the operator will give each point of 50 euros of sales to buy disinfectant for hands and gloves.

 The representative of the lottery Jock Vermur said that everything will be done to ensure that players are not required to go into the point of sale of tickets in such a crisis for health times.

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